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UV DTF - Blue Cinderella 24 oz

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Application Instructions for UV DTF Sticker on Glass Tumbler:

  1. Clean the Surface: Ensure that the surface of the glass tumbler is clean and free from dust, oil, or any other contaminants. Use a mild glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the area where you plan to apply the sticker.

  2. Prepare the Sticker: Carefully peel off the backing of the UV DTF sticker, exposing the adhesive side. Be cautious not to touch the adhesive surface to maintain its effectiveness.

  3. Positioning: Align the sticker with the desired location on the glass tumbler. Take your time to ensure proper placement, as the adhesive is strong and repositioning might compromise the bond.

  4. Application: Starting from one edge, gently press the sticker onto the glass surface, smoothing it out towards the opposite edge. Use a flat, soft tool (such as a credit card) to eliminate any air bubbles and ensure a secure bond between the sticker and the tumbler.

  5. Remove Air Bubbles: If any air bubbles persist, carefully lift the affected area and reapply, smoothing out the sticker until all bubbles are removed. A squeegee or similar tool may be useful for this step.

  6. Curing Time: Allow the sticker to cure for the recommended time specified by the UV DTF material provider. This ensures that the adhesive properly bonds to the glass surface, providing long-lasting adhesion.

  7. Avoid Moisture: Refrain from exposing the sticker to moisture or extreme temperatures during the curing period. This helps to maintain the integrity of the adhesive bond.

  8. Final Inspection: Once the curing period is complete, inspect the applied sticker for any imperfections or loose edges. If necessary, press down on any areas that may require additional attention.

By following these instructions, you can achieve a professional and long-lasting application of the UV DTF sticker on your glass tumbler, providing a personalized and visually appealing touch to your product.