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Vinyl Application Ruler Stand for Epoxy pens and more

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Introducing our Vinyl Application Ruler Stand, a must-have tool for crafters who specialize in custom pens, epoxy pens, and glitter pens. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, this ruler stand is designed to make the process of applying stickers to your pens a breeze.

Tailored specifically for the needs of crafters working with custom pens, epoxy pens, and glitter pens, our stand provides the perfect support for holding your pens securely in place while you work your magic with vinyl applications. No more struggling to keep your pens steady or worrying about them rolling away – our stand ensures stability and ease throughout the entire application process.

Whether you're embellishing your pens with intricate designs, adding personalized touches, or simply looking for a convenient solution to streamline your crafting workflow, our Vinyl Application Ruler Stand is here to elevate your crafting experience. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to effortless precision with this essential tool for crafters. Order yours today and take your custom pen creations to the next level!

Base size: 15.5x6.5 centimeters, ruler size: 13 centimeters.

Material: 3mm acrylic.