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Printed Vinyl 3D - Stars La Vinotinto Soccer 20oz Straight Tumbler wrap Vinyl mano tengo fe

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 Welcome to our website, where we bring your tumbler customization dreams to life in stunning 3D!

Introducing our exclusive collection of 3D printed Vinyl specially created for 20 oz straight tumblers. These high-quality, vibrant decals add a pop of personality to your everyday essentials and are designed to perfectly fit tumblers with dimensions measuring 23.5 x 20.5 centimeters.

Why choose our 3D printed Vinyl for your tumblers?

  1. Unmatched 3D Realism: Our decals are carefully designed to create a lifelike, 3D effect that truly stands out. The depth and dimension will make your tumbler look like a work of art.

  2. Endless Design Possibilities: With a wide variety of designs, patterns, and themes to choose from, you can find the perfect decal to match your style, interests, or special occasions.

  3. Premium Vinyl Material: We use only the finest vinyl materials that are durable and resistant to wear and tear. Your tumbler will look brand new for a long time.

  4. Simple Application: Applying our 3D decals is a breeze. Check our instagram and we provide easy-to-follow instructions so you can effortlessly transform your tumbler into a masterpiece.

  5. Customization Options: We also offer customization services, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind tumbler with your own design, logo, or message. Perfect for gifts or promoting your brand! contact us for more info.

  6. Versatile Tumbler Compatibility: These decals are specifically tailored to fit 20 oz straight tumblers, measuring 23.5 x 20.5 centimeters, ensuring a perfect fit and minimal trimming.

Whether you want to add a touch of personalization to your morning coffee routine or create unique gifts for friends and family, our 3D Vinyl Decals for 20 oz straight tumblers are the ideal choice. Shop with us today and experience the magic of 3D customization like never before.

Elevate your tumbler game with our 3D Vinyl Decals and make every sip an artistic adventure!

Ink and Vinyl Waterproof and Durable: 3 to 5 years

The best option to use with glitter, and seal with resin, glue and other materials.

Auto adhesive Oracal 651
- Glossy.

 Note: some colors may change according to each user's electronic device screen.