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Pinkpop Epoxy Additive - 1.2 oz

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  • Elevate Your Art with Our Exquisite Iridescent Epoxy Additive!

    Unleash the magic in your creations with our premium 1.2 oz jar of epoxy additive. Specially crafted for resin artists and tumbler makers, this additive promises to add a mesmerizing iridescent touch to your projects.

    Product Features:

    • Iridescent Charm: Experience the enchanting play of colors with white that radiates subtle blue and pink hues, adding depth and beauty to your artwork.
    • High-Quality Polyester: Our additive is made from superior polyester, ensuring a smooth blend with your resin or paint.
    • Perfect for a Variety of Uses: Whether you’re enhancing tumblers, creating unique resin art, or customizing crafts, this additive is versatile for all your artistic needs.
    • Solvent Resistant: This glitter maintains its integrity and sparkle even when used with common solvents, guaranteeing long-lasting brilliance in your work.

    Transform your crafts into dazzling pieces of art with our iridescent epoxy additive. It’s more than just glitter; it’s a sprinkle of magic for your creative journey!