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UV DTF - Libbey Miss Peach Glass Can Wrap 12 oz

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Transform your tumblers into dazzling works of art with our Polyester Glitter specially crafted for tumbler makers and resin enthusiasts! Elevate your creations with a burst of color and sparkle that will leave a lasting impression.

**Key Features:**

1. **Vibrant Palette:** Explore a rich array of colors designed to complement your tumbler creations. From classic shades to trendy hues, our polyester glitter adds a touch of glamour to every project.

2. **Fine Texture for Precision:** The fine texture of our glitter ensures easy application and precision. Achieve detailed designs on your tumblers without compromising on sparkle.

3. **Tumbler-Maker Friendly:** Created with tumbler makers in mind, our glitter adheres seamlessly to various surfaces, providing a professional and polished finish to your personalized tumblers.

4. **Resin Art Perfection:** Beyond tumblers, our glitter is perfect for resin art projects. Create stunning resin-coated tumblers that captivate with every turn.

**How to Use:**

1. **Prepare Your Tumbler:** Apply a suitable adhesive to the section of the tumbler where you want to add glitter.

2. **Sprinkle or Brush On:** Sprinkle or brush our polyester glitter onto the adhesive-covered area. Adjust the amount to achieve the desired level of sparkle.

3. **Press Gently:** Press down gently to ensure the glitter adheres securely to the tumbler surface.

4. **Shake Off Excess:** Allow the glitter to set briefly, then shake off any excess. For added security, press down again if needed.

5. **Seal with Resin (Optional):** For a glossy and durable finish, consider sealing your glittered tumbler with a clear epoxy resin.

**Perfect for:**
- Tumbler Making
- Resin-Coated Tumblers
- Personalized Drinkware
- DIY Gifts and Creations

Elevate your tumbler-making experience with our Polyester Glitter. Spark creativity, make a statement, and turn every tumbler into a sparkling masterpiece.