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**Before You Begin:**
1. Ensure your DTF Textil product is clean and free of any wrinkles.
2. Preheat your heat press to the recommended temperature for DTF transfers (refer to your heat press machine manual or the DTF transfer paper instructions).

**Materials Needed:**
- DTF Textil Product
- DTF Transfer Paper (Direct to Film - CLEAR FILM)
- Heat Press Machine
- Teflon Sheet or Parchment Paper

**Step-by-Step Instructions:**

1. **Prepare Your Design:**
- Ensure your design is correctly sized for your DTF Textil product.

2. **Position Your DTF Transfer Paper:**
- Place the DTF transfer paper with the CLEAR FILM side facing down on the area of the DTF Textil product where you want the design.

3. **Protective Layer:**
- Place a Teflon sheet or parchment paper over the DTF transfer paper to protect both the paper and your heat press.

4. **Set Your Heat Press:**
- Adjust the heat press settings to the recommended temperature (320°-350°), apply heavy pressure, and set the heat press time to 7-12 seconds for DTF transfers.

5. **Press Your DTF Textil Product:**
- Carefully place your DTF Textil product with the DTF transfer paper onto the heat press.
- Close the heat press, applying even pressure.

6. **Timing:**
- Follow the recommended time for DTF transfers (7-12 seconds). Adjust the temperature and time settings as needed.

7. **Remove the Transfer Paper:**
- Once the transfer time is complete, carefully open the heat press and remove the DTF transfer paper while it's still warm.

8. **Cooling:**
- Allow your DTF Textil product to cool completely before handling or wearing.

9. **Peel:**
- Peel the DTF transfer paper COLD for optimal results.

**Care Instructions:**
- Follow the care instructions for your specific DTF Textil product to maintain the quality of the transferred design.
- Typically, hand washing in cold water and air-drying is recommended for DTF transfers.

**Note:** These instructions are a general guideline. Always refer to the specific guidelines provided by your heat press machine and DTF transfer paper manufacturer for optimal results.

size: 10.5x8.5 inches